About Us

The Beginning 

Piperoos was founded in 2014 and launched in 2015 by Sarah Masterson. After having a baby, one of the most useful gifts Sarah received were some handmade cotton pads. These became the inspiration for Piperoos. A cotton pad that was handy everywhere: on your shoulder for spitups, on the changing table for accidents, on the ground for tummy time, and in the diaper bag for all those moments away from home. It wasn't long before Sarah saw that Piperoos needed to be available to new parents everywhere and the brand was born. 

Located in Los Angeles, California, Piperoos are made locally and the company aims to be environmentally conscious all of its operations, selling green baby products that make babies as happy, healthy, and comfy as can be.

How eco-friendly is Piperoos ? 

  • the fabric is 100% organic cotton, 
  • the manufacturing is done locally (in Los Angeles, California),
  • boxes for the packaging are made of recycled cardboard and the printing is done with low impact, soy-based ink,
  • boxes are printed in La Mirada, California, just an hour's drive from L.A.,
  • whenever possible, orders of Piperoos are shipped in previously used packaging,
  • and, every time Piperoos is sent, an extra fee is paid to offset the carbon footprint of the shipping!

About the team 

Sarah Masterson, Founder 

Sarah Masterson, founder of Piperoos - www.piperoos.com

Hi! Sarah here. What's the most important thing I've ever done? Become a mom. Lots of people do it, so maybe sometimes it loses it's luster, but to me it's truly an amazing thing. I am so excited to get up each morning and snuggle my daughter. She starts off my day in just the right way and puts a smile on my face. 

Most days our family transitions from morning snuggles and breakfast to the balancing act that includes family time, professional careers, entrepreneurship, the outdoors, fitness, friends, and puppy love. 

Here's a little more detail on the career piece... I started my career in financial services, and then pursued an MBA in international business. After graduation I went to work in management consulting for a number of years. I still work for a professional services firm, but these days when I'm not focused on Piperoos, I work as part of the go-to-market operations team. My 12 years in professional services has allowed me to see how lots of different businesses are run. This combined with the influence of my MBA program had me itching to start my own business, and voilà Piperoos! 

Contact: sarah@piperoos.com 

Cora Loomis, Operations Leader

Cora Loomis - www.piperoos.com

I'm Cora, a fun-loving, swing-dancing, outdoorsy, Registered Dietitian living and working in Québec, Canada. Passionate about family and excited to be a someday-parent, I am so delighted to be a part of Piperoos and work alongside my cousin Sarah.  

My experience as a Registered Dietitian and entrepreneur means that I'm motivated, curious and starting to get really good at balancing work and play in my life! Prioritizing the good things (like dancing, being outdoors, cooking delicious vegetarian meals and hanging out with family and friend) is something I continually strive towards as it feeds my creativity and productivity in wonderful ways.  

My commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible shows in my (almost) everyday life through food choices (vegetarian, local and organic), my clothing choices (recycled and used when possible, high-quality, durable clothes and/or eco-friendly materials and practices when brand new) as well as through my modes of transportation (walking, biking, taking the bus and using the car). Promoting an eco-friendly, local (although from afar) business like Piperoos makes so much sense for me from a "green" point of view. 

Contact: cora@piperoos.com