Losing The Front Yard June 23, 2017 05:00

People everywhere scour real estate listings to find the prefect neighborhood. The right spot to raise their kids and enjoy their free time. These days the trend seems to be to private gates, bigger houses, more time indoors, and maybe some unforeseen circumstances?

We've seen more and more articles recently about the effects of screen time and inactive kids. Now people are also starting to think about what else changes for our kids when they're locked behind those gates? The days of running through the beautiful green front yard between neighbors houses disappear. The natural groups of neighborhood friends don't materialize. The dusk adventures and tree climbing just don't happen. 

Kids benefit from being outdoors and roughhousing. The open front yards without gates allow for lots of green space to play with the other kids in your neighborhood. You walk outside and just see who's there. These varied groups of kids and organic, un-choreographed activities are critical to developing an understanding of safe risks and boundaries. They help young minds learn to self-manage and encourage imagination. Being able to walk outside and find someone to play with also encourages kids to want to play outside and be active instead of being locked behind a screen.

The benefits of front yards -

So next time you're thinking about the right neighborhood for your kids, think about how many open yards there are. How many neighbors to play with until dusk? There may be more magic to an open front yard than you thought. 

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3 Things we Love About Pint Size Kids June 08, 2017 11:00

Do you know about Pint Size Kids

Situated in Sherman Oaks, California, Pint Size Kids is a wonderful space for kids to play, learn and interact with other children. There are 3 things we love about this place. 

  1. It's exciting and inviting! When you walk in for playtime, there is a general area with little roads for the Little Tikes cars to follow but also a grocery store area, a house area, a dentist area and a workshop area. Kids can play for hours with other friends and/or their own imagination. 
  2. The space is well organized. There is space for toddlers to play, a separate space for babies to hang out, a zone for Messy Art (one of their classes), an area for snack time and even a backyard for Soccer School to happen! You don't need to be a member, but it gives you price advantages for play time and classes. 
  3. They offer great classes. We personally love Messy Art and Soccer School but there are also music and dance classes offered. Check out the current offer here.3 things we love about pint size kids -

Spaces like Pint Size Kids are so important for creating community and helping kids learn to play and interact with other kids in a respectful way. 

Do you have any spaces like these in your community? 

The People Behind The Changing Pads May 31, 2017 06:44

Have you met us yet? 

The people behind the high-quality, 100% organic cotton, super soft and versatile baby changing pads that you all love are Sarah and Cora. 

Cora and Sarah, the team of Piperoos -

We both love kids and strive to be eco-friendly in every way possible, and that includes being vegetarian and being really good at recycling! Cousins living on opposite sides of the continent, Piperoos has helped us get closer as we work together on a project that lights us both up! 

We'd love to introduce ourselves: 

Sarah Masterson, Founder 

Sarah Masterson, founder of Piperoos -

Hi! Sarah here. What's the most important thing I've ever done? Become a mom. Lots of people do it, so maybe sometimes it loses it's luster, but to me it's truly an amazing thing. I am so excited to get up each morning and snuggle my daughter. She starts off my day in just the right way and puts a smile on my face. 

Most days our family transitions from morning snuggles and breakfast to the balancing act that includes family time, professional careers, entrepreneurship, the outdoors, fitness, friends, and puppy love. 

Here's a little more detail on the career piece... I started my career in financial services, and then pursued an MBA in international business. After graduation I went to work in management consulting for a number of years. I still work for a professional services firm, but these days when I'm not focused on Piperoos, I work as part of the go-to-market operations team. My 12 years in professional services has allowed me to see how lots of different businesses are run. This combined with the influence of my MBA program had me itching to start my own business, and voilà Piperoos! 

Cora Loomis, Operations Leader

Cora Loomis -

I'm Cora, a fun-loving, swing-dancing, outdoorsy, Registered Dietitian living and working in Québec, Canada. Passionate about family and excited to be a someday-parent, I am so delighted to be a part of Piperoos and work alongside my cousin Sarah.  

My experience as a Registered Dietitian and entrepreneur means that I'm motivated, curious and starting to get really good at balancing work and play in my life! Prioritizing the good things (like dancing, being outdoors, cooking delicious vegetarian meals and hanging out with family and friend) is something I continually strive towards as it feeds my creativity and productivity in wonderful ways.  

My commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible shows in my (almost) everyday life through food choices (vegetarian, local and organic), my clothing choices (recycled and used when possible, high-quality, durable clothes and/or eco-friendly materials and practices when brand new) as well as through my modes of transportation (walking, biking, taking the bus and using the car). Promoting an eco-friendly, local (although from afar) business like Piperoos makes so much sense for me from a "green" point of view. 

Check out our About Us Page for more info on Piperoos.  

California Baby and Angel Hair May 23, 2017 16:28

Does your little one have long but very fine (and easily tangled) hair? 

Ours does. And we've been using, and LOVING, California Baby's Calming Hair De-tangler lately. It really is calming and leaves the "angel hair" smelling sweet and easy to manage. But not only is this de-tangler calming, it's also made with organic and sustainably-grown ingredients. 

It's so great t to have a product that's wonderful to use but also so committed to being environmentally-friendly and sustainable. It also makes us happy to know that California Baby was founded and is run by a woman - a real inspiration for Piperoos! Click here for more info about their practices and commitment to the planet and families all over. 

If you use and love California Baby too, give us a shout! 

Mother's Day Thoughts May 11, 2017 12:40


For today's Three Things Thursday I have Mother's day on my mind. Mother's day can be so joyous for some, but I've also become sensitive that for others, it can be a tough day. Mother's day is a day where we often focus on thanking the mothers around us. One thing to consider this mother's day is it should also be a day to be grateful to be a mom and be thoughtful of those who are struggling with motherhood in one form or another.

Figuring out motherhood obviously has a million associated challenges. Some moms are lucky enough to have pretty smooth sailing. They have lots of family and community support, physical and mental health, they don't struggle with infertility, have financial security and a loving partner. For others, it doesn't happen quite like that... 

Several very loved moms in my world have struggled with infertility. For those who have dealt with miscarriages and all of the other difficulties that come with the myriad aspects of infertility, I'm thinking of you this mothers day. I have one friend who was lucky enough to give birth after many years of struggle. Their family chose to use surrogate eggs and I know she at one time questioned whether her kids would think of her as their mom. This thought (though understandable) is so wild! The love and care in their family from the time those eggs were implanted is the love of a mom (and a dad too in this case). Genetics are not what makes a mom.

This is just one example of a thought that comes to mind for me at Mother's day. And in this light, here are three things to keep in mind this coming Sunday:

  1. Momhood comes in many different forms
  2. Missing a mom could be especially tough on Mother's day
  3. Motherhood is a privilege not all get to enjoy

Feeling lucky today to be a mom.


Mother's Day Sale - Save 15% May 09, 2017 09:41

Still looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for the new mom in your life? 

Why not offer our totally gorgeous, super soft and truly eco-friendly baby change pads?

Mom's are delighted with how useful and versatile Piperoos are, on top of being super absorbent and machine washable! With their designer look and soft feel, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. 

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Toddler Travel Tips May 04, 2017 12:00

Toddler Travel Tips from Piperoos

Well, I won't say we're the best at this, but we seem to do pretty well. Our daughter has traveled a pretty significant amount for a mini. Her first flight was at 8 weeks and she handled it like a champ. Since then she's been on 3 different continents and averaged probably close to a flight a month (but who's counting). 

So how do we make it work? 

Tip 1: Snacks

We bring more food in snacks for a flight than I feel like we should eat in a whole week of snacks. It's critical. We pack lots of diverse options including fresh stuff to kick off the trip.  I also try to make the snacks be things we haven't had in a week or two to add an element of novelty.

Tip 2: New/Exclusive toys

We keep a set of toys that are only available for travel adventures. These get put away when we get home, but seem fresh and exciting every time we head out on a trip. I also try to supplement and refresh this collection with new toys when I can. Anytime I see a sale where I can pick up a $1-$5 item, I grab it and then add that to the mix. Bonus tip - keep it wrapped in it's packaging so that they can have the excitement of opening it as well. This can be tricky if you're limited for space, but do what you can.

Tip 3: Patience. For everyone.

When leaving on a trip I try to shift my mindset to be a little more laid back about my standards and to manage expectations. Kids are little and trips are different experiences. This can be scary and stressful for them. They're not acting out to torture you or make you look bad in front of your relatives. They're just struggling right along with you. They also feed off your stress and energy. Try to be as patient and forgiving as you can. We kick-start this by using our special "calming cream" on trips. Ours is made by Origins and is in a tiny green bottle. I received it as a gift and it's lovely! I'd say any calming aromatherapy cream of your choosing would help make a difference. The great news is, upon researching the company, I discovered that they are committed to being earth-friendly, use all-natural ingredients and use recycled/post-consumer materials for their packaging. 

Good luck and happy travels! We hope you get to enjoy the amazing benefits of travel with your little ones. Take the risk. Teach them about all the wonderful and different parts of our world.

Save 15% on Piperoos Because it's Mother's Day ! May 01, 2017 07:30

Piperoos organic cotton changing pads make a great gift for the mom in your life because they are so beautiful, super soft, easy to use (and wash) and are so wonderfully versatile!

Get your Piperoos on Amazon 

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Piperoos on American Made Baby Brands April 25, 2017 09:35

Amy from American Made Baby Brands recently chatted with Sarah for a series she's doing on Mompreneurs. Her review of Piperoos can be found here but we wanted to share with you our favorite part. 


"Sarah set out to create all-purpose pads similar to cloth diapers and the homemade flannel pads she received as a gift before Piper was born. Her “environmental compass” was to make Piperoos with all organic cotton, recycled packaging, low impact dyes — and locally made to cut down on transportation impact. She even pays to offset the carbon footprint of shipping." 

But don't forget to read the whole post Mama Maker : Sarah from Piperoos over on Amy's blog and maybe even follow her on Facebook

Save 10$ on Earth Day April 22, 2017 07:00

Save 10$ on Earth Day !

Save 10$ on Earth Day when you buy a Violet 3 pack of Piperoos on (offer valid on April 22nd, 2017 only - don't miss your chance!)

Did you know?

We celebrate Earth Day every day through our eco friendly practices : 

- the fabric for the changing pads is 100% organic cotton
- the manufacturing is done locally (in Los Angeles, California)
- the boxes for the packaging are made of recycled cardboard and the printing is done with low impact, soy-based ink
- the boxes are printed in La Mirada, California, just an hour's drive from L.A. 
- and, every time a box of Piperoos Basic Baby Changing Pad is sent to a customer, an extra fee is paid to offset the carbon footprint of the shipping!

Make a difference by buying a green baby product that is both earth-friendly and gorgeous! 

Three Things we Love About Gardening April 20, 2017 09:30

Three things we love about gardening Piperoos

Gardening is such a fun activity and for so many reasons, but here are the three main reasons we love to garden. 

1) It's fun!

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by many and it's because it is genuinely fun. Seeing your plants start popping out of the soil and being amazed by the speed at which they grow are a big part of it. The planning, the planting and especially the tasting contribute as well. 

2) It's a learning experience 

For toddlers, kids and adults, gardening means learning about how food is grown. When you take the time to garden, you learn what a pea sprout looks like and how long it takes till the plant produces the food. You also get to learn what kind of plants grow best in which climates and how much sunlight and water different plants require. For a quick beginners guide to starting a vegetable garden, read this article provided by the Old Farmer's Almanac. You can also just go the trial-and-error route but you may get less produce your first year. 

Gardening is a learning experience for toddlers - Piperoos

3) It means local and fresh food at our doorstep (literally) 

Gardening means that tomatoes, peas and other veggies can be enjoyed at their freshest ! The peak season here in California is summertime, but we enjoyed fresh tomatoes last year up until January. Eating locally is a very eco-friendly gesture, so be assured that the time and effort put into your little garden is also great way to be green.  

Fresh tomatoes in January!

Gardening doesn't require a big backyard or elaborate tools... it can easily be done in big pots or square "beds". You can even upcycle pallets to make a garden if you want an extra project to add to the fun. It's also possible to garden on a balcony, if that's the space you have. The only really big limiting factor when it comes to gardening is lack of sunlight. If your backyard or balcony is really shady, it'll be more difficult to grow your own vegetables. But, other than that, you can just get creative with the space you have and enjoy the process. 

And if you're gardening with little ones but need some ideas as to what to plant, click here for a list of ten easy veggies to grow with kids. Also, we would love to see some pics of your garden if you decide to start one (or if you are already a fan of gardening), so please feel free to share!