Three Things we Love About Reading March 2, 2017 16:32

For this week's edition of Three Things Thursdays we're celebrating Read Across America day! We wanted to share three things we love about reading. 


Thing 1: It opens minds to new worlds

Whether it allows your kids to experience a foreign land, new friends, different cultures, minuscule ecosystems, or varied environments, in all cases your child is getting exposure to a wider variety of experiences. This type of exposure broadens the mind and builds more balanced kids. 

Thing 2: Vocabulary and focus

Studies show that kids who get exposure to books and reading at a younger age have vastly larger vocabularies than those who don't. This type of advantage allows kids to get a lift as they move through the developmental cycle. The experience of sitting calmly to read is also an advantage as kids start school. Kids who are able to sit still and focus do better academically. Read more about this here

Thing 3: Imagination

Maybe best of all is the power of imagination. Allowing kids to enter the storybook world exposes them to the magical powers of make believe. This gets the creative juices flowing and leads to more creative problem solving and play. It also allows them to test out a situation before experiencing it in real life. This can be incredibly valuable in managing fear of the unknown.

So... why not grab a book, sit down with your child, and enjoy Read Across America Day?