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Three Podcasts I Love to Listen to! June 27, 2018 02:00

Admittedly there are some phases where podcasts get more airtime in my life, and some phases where they seem to be out of fashion. That said, when there's time, here are the three I really enjoy.

Freakonomics: An old classic, Steve Levitt and Stephen Dubner run through "the hidden side of everything" looking at economic implications and explanations for a wide variety of phenomena in our everyday lives. From how to raise children to what's driving political  outcomes, I am always fascinated to see how they break down an issue and share unexpected insights.

Hidden Brain: This actually has a lot of the same appeal as Freakonomics as it looks into surprising findings/research on a wide variety of societal issues. Shankar Vedantam uses a storytelling style to explore an unseen side of human behavior. I guess I have a type...

How I Built This: This podcast shares a biographical style overview of entrepreneurial stories for some of the biggest and most exciting brands out there (Patagonia, Tom's of Maine, Melissa & Doug, Stonyfield Yogurt, and many many more). The host (Guy Raz) interviews the founders and gets the ins and outs of their path to wide-ranging success. It's always intriguing to hear how these entrepreneurs found their way. One challenge is that I'm often left with questions as they skip from highlight to highlight. Keep your eyes out for the one about Ben and Jerry's. It's super interesting to hear how they built such an amazing eco-friendly brand in the face of adversity. 

Would love to hear how you like these, or some of your own favorites. If you're looking for somewhere to start, I think NPR is a great source for content like this!

- Sarah, at Piperoos 


The mall Santa photo... 2016 edition January 15, 2017 00:00


Every year around the holidays parents and children stream to local malls to get their photo taken with Santa. This tradition has been around as long as I can remember. With kids dressed in their designer duds and parents on-the-go, sweating in heavy coats, stress creasing their foreheads as they try to endure the proceedings. Usually the outcome is a slightly grainy, overly cerise looking image of a mildly entertained kid, to be stored away for years to come.

This year I noticed something new. This year there seemed to be a HUGE number of people who proudly shared photos of their kids in great distress with Santa. As it continued I started to get curious. Were people doing it on purpose? Was it the Christmas 2016 meme to have your kid screaming their head off with Santa uncomfortably hovering to the side?

While at the mall I tried to scope it out. It seemed that at least 30% of the parents were incredibly entertained by their screaming child, and another 30% were simply out of ideas to fix it. So I welcome your thoughts and insights... What drove this trend (if in fact that's what it was)? I can't deny that I saw a couple hilarious shots of angry babies, but did parents truly embrace this trend or was it simply a case of holiday exhaustion being turned into comedy? Either way, hopefully you used an eco-friendly / green mindset when shopping this holiday season!

(A special thanks to Oh Snap! Photography by David Bean for the photo). 

Changing a Wiggly Baby March 19, 2016 09:00

It's so exciting to know that Piperoos baby changing pads are being used and loved by new moms!

"These things are amazing! They are great to go on a changing pad or as we use them on the floor. I have a folded on the go changing pad. No matter if she rolls over or tries to with a poopy booty nothing is getting on the floor and I can just rinse and then wash the pad." - Eryka from

Check out the review here.

Picture from

This Twin Life loves Piperoos March 18, 2016 11:43

Jess, over at This Twin Life (, loves Piperoos changing pads!

She uses them as an extra changing pad (super handy on-the-go), for play dates (so she doesn't have to worry about her babies spitting up on friends playmates or rugs) and for tummy time!

Check out the review here.