Piperoos now sell for more!? Here's why... September 14, 2016 17:50

As of September 14th, 2016, we have chosen to increase the prices for Piperoos Everyday Cotton Pads. Our regular 3-pack is now selling for 35.99$ and our waterproof 3-pack is going for 39.99$.

"Why the change", you might ask?

Well, here's our honest answer.

With changes in cost of production, and in order to maintain the high quality of our product, it was simply necessary. Let's not forget that on top of being made of 100% organic cotton, our Everyday Cotton Pads are also manufactured small-scale in L.A., sold in boxes made of recycled cardboard using soy-based ink AND we choose to pay an extra fee for every box we ship in order to offset the carbon footprint of its travels.

If you think Piperoos aren't worth the new price, check out this blogpost declaring that our original price was a steal!

In order to thank all of our customers up to this point, we are offering a 4-day deal on Amazon. That's right, you can still get your 3-pack of Piperoos Everyday Cotton Pads for only 26.99$ when you buy on Amazon. Don't miss out, prices will go up on Amazon as well on Monday, September 19th.