Piperoos For a Long Awaited Little One October 1, 2016 14:54

Jennie and Dan, a couple currently going through the adoption process are excited to use their Piperoos for their future little one!

Their journey has been long and the decision to adopt was made in March of this year. Read more about the process and decision on Jennie's blog The Canadian Baby .

Jennie and Dan - Hoping to Adopt

We spoke with her this week and Jennie already has her 3-pack of eco-friendly baby changing pads - part of the treasures that she's collecting for future baby.

Jennie looks forward to getting good use out of her Piperoos and already has an idea of how handy they'll be. Baby Vanier will be bottle-fed and Jennie says: " I look forward to using my Piperoos for catching my baby's messes as I've heard that formula-fed babies spit up more frequently. I also plan to use them for quick diaper changes around the house." She also loves that "they're the right size to fit into a diaper bag!"

The fact that Piperoos are a "green" baby changing pad are a definite bonus. Jennie shares that she is making an effort to buy organic and eco-friendly products whenever possible and will definitely be careful about the products she uses with her long awaited little one.