Mother's Day Thoughts May 11, 2017 12:40


For today's Three Things Thursday I have Mother's day on my mind. Mother's day can be so joyous for some, but I've also become sensitive that for others, it can be a tough day. Mother's day is a day where we often focus on thanking the mothers around us. One thing to consider this mother's day is it should also be a day to be grateful to be a mom and be thoughtful of those who are struggling with motherhood in one form or another.

Figuring out motherhood obviously has a million associated challenges. Some moms are lucky enough to have pretty smooth sailing. They have lots of family and community support, physical and mental health, they don't struggle with infertility, have financial security and a loving partner. For others, it doesn't happen quite like that... 

Several very loved moms in my world have struggled with infertility. For those who have dealt with miscarriages and all of the other difficulties that come with the myriad aspects of infertility, I'm thinking of you this mothers day. I have one friend who was lucky enough to give birth after many years of struggle. Their family chose to use surrogate eggs and I know she at one time questioned whether her kids would think of her as their mom. This thought (though understandable) is so wild! The love and care in their family from the time those eggs were implanted is the love of a mom (and a dad too in this case). Genetics are not what makes a mom.

This is just one example of a thought that comes to mind for me at Mother's day. And in this light, here are three things to keep in mind this coming Sunday:

  1. Momhood comes in many different forms
  2. Missing a mom could be especially tough on Mother's day
  3. Motherhood is a privilege not all get to enjoy

Feeling lucky today to be a mom.