Living the green life with Tree People November 9, 2016 11:48

What a great day! It's verging on a fall day here in LA with a light breeze and some clouds to offer a break from the beating sun. This morning we took the opportunity to go for a local hike with Tree People. I had heard of the organization before, but just thought they supported green initiatives like charity tree planting events and had no idea about how nice of a space they have. Turns out they have a beautiful hiking and education space at the top of Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills. They host family educational hikes (see schedule on their site), and show off their LEED certified building and their eco friendly education facilities. They have things like a sample "normal" residential home and they contrast that with eco friendly water management tools on their sample "eco friendly" home. We got to hike around with lots of other families (sporting some designer hiking gear of course... it is LA after all), and learn about soil management, types of drought resistant trees, and best of all we got to "call" coyotes. Sadly, we didn't get a response this time around, but apparently sometimes they do!! So grateful to have found this spot. We became members, so I anticipate more gorgeous hikes to come!