Kids Say the Silliest Stuff January 21, 2017 13:00

Earlier this month, the Piperoos team got to spend some time together. We worked, of course, but we also played. On one of the days we played, we were driving in the car and P was playing make-believe with her Little Lamb (a stuffed animal) and some other toys (plastic animals). Little Lamb was going to school with her mom, dad, grandma and some friends.

Being involved in the scenario from the front seat, Sarah (P's mom) was suggesting some names of friends that she could bring to school. P quickly asked Sarah to text one of those friends to see if they could come. Realizing that texting while driving (even if it was just make-believe) wasn't the best example to be giving a toddler, Sarah said "I can't text while driving, could you text for me?". P promptly agreed and started texting (it was make-believe of course) her friend "for-me" who could, it turns out, join her other toys at schoo!! 

It was difficult to stop laughing and continue playing with P as this interpretation of words was truly priceless! To make the situation even more adorable, "for-me" continued to be a toy that was involved in other adventures throughout the following days. 

"For-me" and his friends at school - kids say the silliest stuff -

Kids really do make the world a better place.