Joining a cult... the good kind February 19, 2017 15:00

(This post includes an affiliate link but all opinions are our own). 

So we've joined a cult. In the best way. It took several coupons before we jumped on board, but since we did it's been food happiness. The cult is helping us be more eco-friendly, waste less, save money, and be exposed to a wide range of new things. "What is it?" you ask. It's Blue Apron

What is Blue Apron? 

Blue Apron sends you a weekly package of groceries and a recipe. Simple right? But no, the super yummy meals are designed to be easy to make, use seasonal ingredients, have an adjustable spiciness, use only basic kitchen utensils, and be different every day (for a full year)! They create recipes from a wide range of cultures and do a great job at veggie options. Oh and did I mention they use lots of perfectly fresh veggies in every dish. Not everything is organic, but they always try to use local farms, and sustainable seafood options. I wonder constantly how they can accomplish so many goals. I can barely do that for one meal, let alone doing that cost effectively with perfect portions day in and day out.

How Blue Apron fixes a bunch of problems 

My first impression when I heard about Blue Apron was that it was going to be expensive and unnecessary for us. I can buy groceries and look up recipes right? Also, if I want groceries delivered, wouldn't I just use a grocery delivery service that lets me get ALL the groceries I need? I was mistaken. Turns out that Blue Apron fixes a bunch of problems we had. Firstly, it's helped us reduce waste and we're always looking for ways to be more green. The measured portions in each package means we're using exactly what we need with no food waste. This eliminates that situation where a bottle of mystery sauce gets used for 1 teaspoon and then sits in the fridge for 6 months until it expires. In addition, we had been in a pattern of buying groceries without a great meal plan and then having things go bad. We'd look in the fridge, realize we were missing key ingredients and opt to go out for dinner at the last minute. This meant wasted food and money. Enter Blue Apron to help us out.

Blue Apron - is it eco friendly?

Blue Apron helping out in the kitchen - Piperoos

Is it Eco Friendly ? 

Now from an eco-friendly perspective, Blue Apron has received some criticism for their packaging. They do encourage people to recycle the boxes, as well as the bubble wrap and plastic that holds the ice packs. I am hopeful that they'll continue to focus more on their green efforts and find a way to work with reusable packaging. That said, generally I think their vision is on the right track. Also, when the alternative is restaurant eating, that can also present some green challenges. Overall, the benefits above have made it worth it for us to stick with the cult for now. Here's to happy eating, and a happy belated valentines day to all!  

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