Earth Baby!! September 21, 2016 05:00

We are so excited this week to be working with earth baby boutique in Sherman Oaks, California. This shop is so incredibly darling. We had been considering talking to them about Piperoos for ages now and finally got organized to make it happen. The store is filled with green and eco friendly baby products. They have an amazing selection of green designer baby changing items and Piperoos fit right in. 

When we started talking to Renee (the owner), she immediately made me feel comfortable and it was clear she knows the eco friendly baby market. She had great suggestions on how we go to market and seems like she'll be a wonderful partner. Her guidance about our market positioning as a green designer baby changing pad was super helpful!

Funny story... in the last week or so as we've been buttoning up the details, I had been thinking I had to buy one of the adorable items that Renee had in store. It's a super cute stuffed fox and I knew it would be a fit for our family. As i went to grab it Renee stopped me and let me know that it's just part of the decor hahahah! I was a little embarrassed until Renee went on to tell me that apparently Halle Berry made the same mistake. I guess we both have great taste ;-)

That's it for now, but if you're in the area, please check out all the gorgeous designer and eco friendly stuff at earth baby!