Do I ever love Boba! (Local Treats) August 29, 2017 14:44

One thing I've learned about since moving to LA is the delight of Boba. Those slippery, perfectly sized balls of tapioca in an icy cool milk tea drink are tough to beat in the local treat category. Boba was not on my radar in my younger years, but in business school some classmates from Taiwan introduced me to the concept and I got hooked. 

Sometimes called Bubble Tea, this drink was invented in Taiwan in the 80's and has become increasingly popular in the US with several large chains. My local vendor of choice is Brian's Shave Ice & Boba  in Sherman Oaks. They are lovely and happily accommodate my request for a less sweet drink. My only complaint is that sometimes their hours aren't expansive enough to address my Boba needs. Doesn't everyone need boba at 9 am??

The addiction is spreading... I held off while she was a baby, but from a pretty early stage I also introduced my daughter to boba. It was love at first slurp. 

What are your favorite local treats?