4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day April 21, 2018 20:59

We probably all agree that Earth Day should be every day, but since there is an official Earth Day (April 22nd), why not make an extra big deal about it and celebrate it in a big way?  


Here are 4 ways to celebrate Earth Day:

  1. Go for a run or walk and pick up garbage. Unfortunately too many people still toss their garbage out a window or on the ground and it's very problematic for the wildlife. If possible, get the neighbourhood in on the fun! Hand out gloves and enjoy cleaning up your environment. 
  2. Commit to no more plastic straws. The amount of plastic that ends up in oceans is devastating and it is estimated that 500 million straws are used every day in America!  Why not swear off plastic straws and buy stainless steel ones or compostable ones for your home instead? When you're out and about, just say "no straw please" (and then use your paper straws  for an easy and eco-friendly alternative - there's even a 50% discount on paper straws at strawlessocean.org).  
  3. Plant something. This is a great way to celebrate Earth Day especially if you have small children. It can be a tomato plant, an entire garden or any seed planted in a cup on your windowsill. Watching green things grow strengthens our connection with the Earth as well as contributing to cleaning our air (plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen!)
  4. Unplug. Choosing to unplug computers, TVs and mobile devices on this day (or at least for a part of the day) is a great way to reconnect with nature and reduce our energy consumption in the home.  

Any other ideas? What do you plan on doing to celebrate Earth Day in your home?